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Amoria : Beauty or Beast!

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Free Hair and Face Coupon Quest

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Dont try this quest unless; 1. U got NX 2. If u hate life :D Report Bad Comment.

Royal Hair Coupon Maplestory Hairstyles

Make it with a high level and you get a better haircut!!! Comments cannot be editted.

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User Info: regulus A mate of mine got a hair coupon from cassandra so it is possible. That said, if it's anything like the face coupon she gives, it's not permanent. Either way, if you just want a different haircut, an EXP coupon would be the way to go or Royal coupon if you're feeling rich , but if you actually have an idea of what you want you might want to look into getting a VIP coupon. User Info: FolkenRawr. Maplehood Watch Gachapon Coupon. Double-click each one to receive one random item including:. Deluxe and Fantastical Androids male and female available for both.

You can also find Metamorph Potions , trait items , restorative potions , and 3- and 4-Star Enhancement Scrolls. Maplehood Watch Avatar Box.

BasilMarket Free Hair and Face Coupon Quest thread

The Maplehood Watch Avatar Box contains 50 random permanent cash covers. Double-click a box to receive one equip, including:. Saturday — Enhancement Day. Saturdays are Enhancement Days!