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Be sure to have your electrician walk you through the procedure. Most transfer switches are designed for a volt input, which means you're looking at a generator of 5, watts or more. For stationary models, it shuts off when the power goes on; for a portable, you'll flip the same switches the other way to bring up live power.

Home Standby Generators

Want to save money? This covers your service panel's main cutoff switch—so when the power pops back on, you can't accidentally put the generator on. Because that would be a bad thing. We respect your privacy.

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Generator Buying Guide. Last updated: April 11, Know Your Power Priorities Generators are sold by power output, as measured in watts. Here are some rough numbers for common essentials: Refrigerator : watts Sump pump : to 1, watts Portable heater : 1, watts Window air conditioner : 1, watts Lights : 60 to watts Computers : 60 to watts For a more complete list, check out our report on how to pick the right size generator for your house.

Check Our Generator Ratings. Pick a Type You can go one of three ways. Generator Sizing Calculator.

Standby Generators- Do You Need a Standby Generator?

Portable Generator Home standby generator systems and portable generators are the two most common types of backup power solutions homeowners choose. Portable Generators. Installation Portable, proper storage is required No installation is needed Starting Manual with a pull cord Fuel Type Gasoline Refueling is needed What It Can Power Select items plugged into an extension cord that is plugged into the generator. Home Standby Generators. Propane vs. Natural Gas Standby Generator For residential use, generators run on either natural gas or liquid propane.

Natural Gas NG. Offers virtually endless supply of fuel If available in your municipality, natural gas can be added to your home. Liquid Propane LP. May need the propane tank refilled at some point due to normal usage depending upon the size of the tank and the requirements of the generator If you already have a LP tank, it may need to be sized up to power our standby generator LP is typical in rural areas where natural gas is not available. Step 3 Recommended Generators.

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What’s The Deal With Whole-House Backup Generators?

Sign-up not successful. Please refresh and try again. Thank you for signing up. See what power other home appliances require. It is the power a generator can provide for short time intervals like when starting a blender W vs continuously running it W. It is usually advertized within the product description text not the title. Features to look for in a gen-set: Fuel Type — You have the option of getting an engine that runs on diesel, petrol, propane or natural gas fuel. Their are pros and cons for each.

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You can see some ratings of each fuel type here. Inverter or Conventional — Inverter generators are smaller, quieter and more fuel efficient than the conventional type. They are also more expensive for the power. The difference is they use magnets and an inverter and not the large amount of copper winding to induce the voltage difference and create the current flow to provide the alternating current.