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Apart from being home to the Amazon Rainforest, Brazil is also home to magnificent mountains, oceanic archipelagos, scrublands and rolling plains, as well as a variety of flora and fauna. People are also drawn to Brazil because of its cultural attractions — fascinating architecture, vibrant music and tasty cuisine. Flights to Brazil from R Colombia varies in landscapes ranging from the white sandy beaches of Caribbean coast to lush Amazonian rainforests known for its unique ecosystem. Its cities are full of rich culture and architectural marvels ready to be explored.

Flights to Colombia from R Uruguayan culture is strongly European and beef remains a staple in local dishes, as well as chivito steak sandwiches , pasta, barbecued kidneys, and sausages. Flights to Uruguay from R Many travellers flock to Cambodia from neighbouring Thailand for a day trip or just a short visit. However this country deserves more of your time. Cambodia is known for its somewhat laid-back atmosphere and sleepy vibe. Flights to Cambodia from R China has a recorded history of over 5, years, making it one of the four ancient civilisations.

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China has a vast tourist offering includes cultural experiences, historical tours of antique sites and relics, a number of natural wonders and diverse folk customs. Flights to China from R To travel to India is to indulge in a sensory experience — vibrant colours, beautiful fragrances, rich history and lively culture. It is the home of a variety of yoga and meditation retreats frequented by local and international visitors alike. Its tourism offering includes natural wonders such as the Himalayas and spectacular Ganges, architectural icons just think of Taj Mahal or ancient city of Varanasi and, of course, epic cuisine.

Flights to India from R The islands here are real tropical paradises — you can spend lazy days soaking up the sun on the beach or exploring the rice terraces, and spend lively nights enjoying drinks in al fresco beach bars.

Flights to Indonesia from R Malaysia is a melting pot of cultures, traditions, races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and other ethnic groups live together. As a result of this infusion of cultures, this region has become a gastronomical paradise — a major drawcard for foodies.

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Another key attraction is how effortlessly its modern developments and its natural beauty found in its rugged mountains, blend together to create a geographical tapestry. Flights to Malaysia from R Transit Visa not exceeding 72 hours may be obtained upon arrival. Nepal is also known for its abundant wildlife, ancient cities, remote monasteries, sapphire blue lakes and friendly locals. Flights to Nepal from R Philippines are often overlooked by travellers but are fast becoming a tourist hotspot.

Its natural attractions include sandy white beaches, mountains, rainforests, islands and world famous diving spots. With conscientious planning, it is possible to book cheap flights to the Philippines and save quite a bit on travel expenses due to the high affordability of this destination. Flights to Philippines from R With 24 wildlife reserves and history that spans 3, years, Sri Lanka has much to offer in the way of cultural experiences and outdoor activities ranging from lush tropical rainforests to beautifully decorated Buddhist temples.

It displays a rich blend of cultures and religious beliefs influenced primarily by Buddhism and Hinduism. Flights to Sri Lanka from R Many travellers flock to Taiwan to experience its ancient tea culture and partake in its tea ceremonies which abide by strict cultural and traditional prescriptions.

Many of the classical arts can be seen in tea culture — calligraphy, botanical arts and incense arts all form part of tea consumption. Tea houses or shops are located throughout this region and form an important part of its tourism offering. Its capital city, Taipei, on the other hand, is a bustling and vibrant modern city with nightlife, food scene and shopping to match any other Asian megacities.

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