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Help Your Newborn Sleep Longer. All attendees will be entered to win one of four amazing sleep-related prizes US only! The only entry you are required to submit is your RSVP entry, all other entries are optional. Time to RSVP, unlock the event calendar and sync favorite products and brands with your own calendar for this virtual event! The Ultimate Online Baby Shower kicks off with fun Flash giveaways held by each of the participating bloggers.

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Sampler events are fun, a rush, and go quickly be ready ; you want to click on the participating brand sampling link as they go live for the chance to receive free products from participating companies they go FAST. Baby's sleeping! From bibs to blankets, comfort and practicality are of the utmost importance.

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The designs are hip, the sewmanship top-notch, and the fabrics incredibly plush. We use Safety 1st child-lock products around our house, and they also make car seats, strollers, in addition to a myriad of other baby gear. Hey pregnant moms — basqskincare is participating in thesamplerapp UOBS next week! Basq skincare takes out the guesswork with their line of skincare products devoid of any questionable ingredients! Ubbi makes a full range of products to take you from diapering to potty training, from their diaper pail to training toilets and step stools.

Ubbi even has snacks covered, with their Tweat snack containers in fun colors! Check out their line of natural, vegetable-based art supplies! I worried about what chemicals I came into contact with during pregnancy, which then transferred to my son once he was born. It seems almost everything including the food we eat contains harmful chemicals these days, but Wee Can Too art supplies takes out the worry. No more reading label after label at the department store or drugstore — Belli skincare takes the guesswork out for you.

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Belli products are allergy tested, free of paraben preservatives, phthalates, and artificial dyes or fragrances, and made in the USA. Belli products are also teratology and Lactmed screened, ensuring that no harmful ingredients are passed to your unborn baby and infant through use and breastfeeding. Check them out in the UOBS next week! From bleach alternative, to stain solutions and scented drawer sheets, The Laundress provides a full line of allergen-free laundering and care solutions.

Guess what?

How cute are these bandages?!? I have a three-year-old boy, which means accidents happen all of the time! From antibacterial wipes to cool packs Cool It Buddy , Me4kidz offers a full range of fun, yet necessary, products for the family. As a breastfeeding mom, I was reluctant to introduce my son to the bottle — too early or too late — for fear it would disrupt nursing, and administering medication?

Forget about it.

Organic skincare has never been so…tasty! RaZBaby also makes an entire line of personalized Keep-it-Kleen pacifiers and pacifier holders. Baby Comfy Care is a family-run company dedicated to producing practical baby care products that families will love to use! Three winners will take home a backpack loaded with school supplies — including Boogie Wipes. Bracing yourself for the back to school sniffles that seem inevitable this time of year? Boogie Wipes to the rescue! Dreading having to iron those school uniforms and T-shirts every morning?

Meet your new iron — Downy Wrinkle Releaser Plus. Click here for a coupon. Have no doubt that your kids will slop some lunch on their brand new school clothes?

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Already gagging when you think about having to wash those smelly gym clothes? Giveaway ends at pm ET on Wednesday, August 19, Entrants must be residents of the United States or Canada.

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Promotion is void in Quebec. What makes the MommyCon events even more exciting is that I am also a Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers Ambassador, which means that I get to enjoy the convention two-fold; the excitement with the incredible line-up of speakers AND being able to tout the cool limited edition print Smart Bottoms designed just for MommyCon events. One of the items I included was a portable charger; a must have if you, like me, no longer have a landline. I keep a myCharge Energy Shot in my purse, in case of emergencies, which gives me an additional nine hours of charge.

Sharing is Caring! The Complete grows with your child through all the baby wearing years, from 7 lbs to 45 lbs. About the middle of my second trimester I began to wake up with a sore back and realized that I needed some extra support. I tried sleeping with a throw pillow between my knees, propping an extra pillow under my head and building a pillow blockade to keep me from rolling over onto my back. None of these seemed to do the trick. The pillow is really two pillows in one. It folds in half and has little cloth handles for travel.

And believe me, this pillow has gone with me anytime I was planning to sleep away from home. Number 3: Organic Body Products. Even before becoming pregnant I dabbled in natural and organic body products. But from the moment my pregnancy test turned positive, I tossed all the old face wash, lotions and body wash and replaced them with products that I knew were safe for both me and my baby.

Sweetsation Therapy has a wonderful line of organic body products. Both of these pregnancy-safe skin treatments not only prevent wrinkles, but also treat skin discoloration that often occurs during pregnancy. The ingredients list on both of these products is full of vegetables, flowers, herbs, and plant extracts. Sweetsation Therapy has a wide range of organic and natural products on their site for everyday use, pregnancy and even for babies.

Number 5: Layering Tees.

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Pregnancy and layers just go hand in hand. One of my favorites is one I received from Love My Belly. They are an online maternity clothing shop specializing in tees, though they also sell dresses, bottoms, and baby clothes. My double-sleeve tee is a short sleeved black t-shirt with longer, patterned sleeves sewn into it.

Number 6: Yoga DVD. Pre-pregnancy I was all about working out and going to the gym. Staying active and fit was pretty important.

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She even gives some great labor techniques that you can do with your partner. Number 7: Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! All it takes is a coordinating scarf, a chunky bracelet, or some big earrings to take the focus off of an ever-expanding baby bump.