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Pikmin 3 - Day 11 - Winged Pikmin (Nintendo Wii U Gameplay Walkthrough)

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'Pikmin 3' sells less than predecessor in Japan

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Grand Theft Auto V. Daily Players: 86, ARK: Survival Evolved. Daily Players: 83, Daily Players: 67, Daily Players: 66, Daily Players: 62, The main themes at play here are caves and culmination. Numerous aspects of cave design make their final appearance, from mazy layout, to dim lighting, to tight corridors. And while this cave design enables taut climactic gameplay befitting a final stage, it is at bizarre odds with its desert setting, which it never remotely indulges. That said, this final gauntlet is a clever way to test all the core skills the player has refined along their journey, from switching between crew members, to battling a wide array of enemies, to utilizing each type of Pikmin to tackle Pikmin-specific obstacles.

Its layout and design succeed in providing the sense of climax and culmination they strive for, even if foreknowledge of the cave layout dramatically changes the way the player confronts the final level, allowing them to effectively find the quickest path forward and pass the level with ease. The enemies in the Formidable Oak are largely reused from past levels, which makes sense given the hasty speed at which many players will feel compelled to progress.

By reusing enemies and obstacles the player is already familiar with, it allows for on-the-fly strategizing that new enemies and obstacles could not, which is essential in a time-sensitive run like this. The only two new enemies are the Watery Blowhog and the Shearwig, and though both are cinches, they can still throw the player for a loop precisely because the player has never run across them before.

Throwing a bunch of Red Pikmin at a Watery Blowhog is a tough way to learn a lesson about careful observation the game seems to sometimes value and other times not. This is a smart move since allowing players to gather bodies would seem entirely out of place given the dire circumstances, and it would have likely led to frustration controlling Pikmin in some of the tighter corridors. Fitting in to the theme of culmination, this boss splits into smaller randomized pieces that can be attacked with a specific Pikmin type, meaning that each Pikmin type plays a role in the final battle.

More Pikmin depending on the number of Pikmin that are in the square.

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