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The hobo is modeled after James L. All the kids in Bart's remedial class talk, sound and look similar to Ralph Wiggum.

The 50 Greatest Simpsons Movie References

Lisa comes across a "Northern Reticulated Chipmunk", although such a species does not exist. The family's new address is Maple Systems Road. Bumblebee Man seems to be working at Channel 6 rather than Channel Ocho. When Hank Scorpio describes where to get hammocks, he was talking to the extent that Homer couldn't follow until he caught up with him and replying "Oh, in the Hammock District. This is the second time a joke is made about Bart mistaking cursive writing for profanity the first is the blackboard gag on "Bart's Comet" that reads, "Cursive writing does not mean what I think it does.

Another is his power sander, which Homer is shown to have borrowed from Ned in " Marge on the Lam ". This supports "I Married Marge" as Bart is ten years old and he has been working there since Bart was born.

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The name of Otto 's girlfriend is Crystal. It's implied that most of the kids in the One Leg Up program aren't really slow.

Homer Simpson is James Bond 007 in You Only Move Twice

Bart was placed in it because he never learned to read cursive and his new teacher thinks he can't read. Another boy is in it because he starts fires. Homer states to his disappointed family that ".. But he did good as a pin monkey at the bowling alley in " And Maggie Makes Three " as well. He loves German beer! Instead, he gives them investment help and beer on Fridays. Not only is the song note for note with the original Bond song " You Only Live Twice ", but the lyrics are short, uncreative, and dominated by repeating the original, nearly word for word.

And when they did change something, it was usually just to make a positive into a negative.

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The part of the song over the end credits is slightly less repetitive, but not much:. Zombie Simpsons bought a song, swapped a few words and expects you to smile at the reference. Even that was better than the YOLO song. It was better than the whole YOLO episode. The Simpsons songs are so catchy and funny you can sing them to yourself over and over. That was always my biggest problem with Futurama.

Fact: The '90s were the greatest time to be in Springfield

I love that show but its songs were never up to that standard of The Simpsons. A real test of time will be in ten years and if anyone can remember the YOLO song as opposed to the Scorpio song. Actually, make it ten days. Also, the lyrics are hilarious, the visuals are great, and the integration of Groundskeeper Willie and the dog is perfect.

You want a disturbing Halloween-appropriate version of the fog song?

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I still know all the words to it. Subscribe in a reader.

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Dead Homer Society. Like the music itself, the lyrics take familiar patterns and warp them in that inimitable Simpsons way yoinked from SNPP : Scorpio! Sorryto say it guys, but… typo.

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