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How to Be a Great Toastmasters Table Topics Master

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Products and services mentioned in this material may not be available for residents of certain jurisdictions. Give one to whoever is chosen to speak, and have them be clever and thus tell us what the prophecy means. Nigel: Print out a country's flag, one that is probably not going to be known to the speakers. I'd use African or minor islands in the Pacific. Ask them to say which country the flag is from and then tell a little bit about the country.

Joy : Use names of geographical features - mountains, lakes, rivers. Get some really obscure ones and have people tell which they are and discuss the location.

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James : We did a Round Robin type story last week. The story was of a round the world Journey in Each participant had to describe part of the journey and subsequent participants picked up where the last one left off. The final participant had to end up back home. In order for this to work it is important to state in advance how many participants there are. Lack of geographical knowledge just makes this funnier.

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We had been having a heated social conversation about whether the world was getting better or worse. We have a large club and great diversity so we got amazingly different perspectives, lot of laughs and excellent. Blake: was asked to describe how to tie a tie without the use of hand gestures. Very challenging. Just common household items.

Michael: "Yesterday's News" - the respondent is asked their sign, and then the topics master reads their horoscope from the previous day's or the day before that newspaper; they were then to tell us if the horoscope proved out to be true or not. Heather: we were presenters at a photography contest.

All we were given was a picture title and we had to describe the picture and our motivation for taking it. If your blank could speak, what would it say about blank? There are 2 helpful things for Table Topics. These pdf downloads are. Give these a look and why not try them at your next club meeting?? In February the thread was Re: table topics: use spam subject lines PC Why let spam go to waste!

Put all spam in its own folder, if not put there by your spam folder. Then view the folder contents by message subject and print the folder contents Nigel: I always try to either follow the theme of the day if one is set such as Valentine's Day or Pearl Harbor Day I was TTM for both of those days of celebration or I'll use Wikipedia en. From PC' s Spam folder:. From John 's spam folder.

From February , the thread was: Re: Looking for table topics ideas When I was Table Topics Master for a meeting with a politics theme, I picked some improbable celebrities which is getting harder to do , and the people I called on were supposed to give a campaign speech as that person, telling what office they were running for and why they should be elected.

Alternatively, they could nominate the person. Clay: You might type out a batch of political jobs such as dog catcher, seat warmer, etc that individuals will explain what they intend to accomplish if elected. Dennis: Campaign speeches or perhaps you introduce the person as the head of the campaign and they are giving a two-minute opening statement to assembled press conference i. Works best if you have any idea of persons politics, you can go opposite - ask feminist to give opener for candidate who is not!

Boston: You call two people up at a time. One person is the interviewer and the second person is someone famous. Have the first person interview the other. Steve: Get some Chinese fortune cookies, have each participant pick one out of a bag, open it, and then elaborate on the fortune.

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Dennis: Try a session of personalized challenges:. Cut out cartoon strips, those with a message and have the member explain the message or idea. Sell a product, give a reason, provide an excuse, offer a remedy, explain the rules, explain the use of Take a notebook with you for the day. Note anything that could offer a challenge or require a response. In the run of the day you might fill the book and have topics for the rest of the year or more.